Thursday, July 31, 2008


WARNING: Tired mommy vent ahead. Proceed with caution. A little tired this week. Dad is out of town so I am left to be mom and dad to my four lil ones. My oldest ones have had complete meltdowns over nothing this week. They miss their dad.
We started off strong this week. We swam with friends on Monday then had a sleepover Monday nite. Hung out with our company on Tuesday. Another sleepover on Wednesday night. I keep thinking that we need to do all of this play time before school starts. While it was nice to have others to entertain my kids, we are all completely exhausted from it. It seems that we go from one extreme to the next. We are bored or we are running around like crazy. Sounds like it may be time to get on a schedule again. Don't get me wrong we have PLENTY to do around here. I need to start refreshing the reading skills before school starts. I also aspired to doing piano lessons here this summer with my kids but we simply have not sat down to do it. I have these great ideas and they always get shoved aside. Anyway, it is late. We are shopping for school supplies tomorrow.We will see what this weekend brings.

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