Monday, July 7, 2008

An Idea for all of those "extra" clothes

I am a bargain shopper!! I love to find that super sweet deal on something that I was really needing anyway. This weekend it was t-shirts for $2.99 in my daughter's favorite princesses. Just love that! The deals were so good that I stocked up on nightgowns, a birthday present, and a few Christmas items. Ok, so you get the point--bargain shopper all the way!!
I always donate to Goodwill and our local store. Some items I just hate to give away. I go through our clothes for the upcoming season and see which ones fit, which ones will be handed down and which ones are good enough to auction off. I have found that I usually end up with enough "auctionable" things that I make enough $$ to turn around and buy new or gently used things in the next size. I have been doing this for a couple of years and now look at it as recycling. Such a great thing to let someone else have great clothes at a fraction of what it would cost at the store. Such a great thing for me to use that money to buy the clothes we need for the upcoming season. I am already getting my fall stuff out and seeing what will be need for my kids.

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