Saturday, July 19, 2008

A little more serious blog

I have been struggling with a decision lately. I really am interested in sending my kids to public school. The school we are zoned for is really.....awful. So I talked to a few people about getting a new address to send them to a better public school. The verdict is "iffy." The new address would not be our primary residence so we could be asked to leave if someone turned us in. Ok, so that sounds like a NO. The private school we attend is just okay. We pay alot of money for okay. I could go back and teach at the school where I want my kids to attend but with that comes a lot of guilt for leaving my youngest. I am not sure that I am ready to go back to work. The money would be good. The changes for our family could be not-so-good. My children want to stay at the "just-okay" private school.

I am tired of thinking about it!!!! Anyone else in a situation like this????

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