Monday, September 1, 2008


Yes, I have a new hobby that is fun (for me) and saves me $$$. I am clipping coupons and watching sales ads to get some awesome deals on everyday items. My goal is to learn more about this so I can cut my grocery bills in half. I took my first trip to CVS last week. I signed up for an Extra Care Card before I began shopping. I had done some research online at some great money saving blogs.( I will be posting those for you very soon.)So I was not overwhelmed when I walked in. I knew the deals I wanted to take advantage of and left the store spending $15. With my new Extra Care Card, I earned $8 dollars in Extra Care Bucks. I can use these on my purchase this week. After researching the sales paper online, I plan to go this week and spend $2 out-of-pocket on some really cool items. That will be on the next post. Stay tuned for some great deals as I learn my way around the CVS experience.

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